Tower and Defense Contract Awards

Across the Carribean

SmartCiti Solutions has been awarded numerous contracts by Ad Lucem in the Caribbean across several Islands these projects range from 30 Meter Monopoles, Rooftop Towers and 30m & 20m Radar Towers. These projects have shown our diverse capabilities with our plants in India and Mexico producing our in-house engineered solutions for the betterment of the Caribbean, our units produced have been built with 185MPH and full seismic loading. We will be updating our news feed as the projects progress.


USPTO Patent Granted to SmartCiti

SmartCiti Has Multiple Patent Filings both Domestic and Internationally

SmartCiti began it's Patent Processes beginning in 2014 and continues to develop its Intellectual Property portfolio -  both by filing Patent applications but also with its Software and Code development work.

SmartCiti is a Leader in Innovation

The founders of SmartCiti are always developing new technological innovations leading the global marketplace.


Form and Features

SCSI Designs and Form

SmartCiti has been in this business for Years we understand that different location and different requirements and needs dictate new and innovative designs - we design for single carriers, Dual Carriers and even have designed for Quad Carriers on a single pole all while facilitating the OEM gear, the Carrier Needs but most importantly keeping to an aesthetic the Municipalities want and demand. Combine this with the SCSI Feature list you have an award winning dynamic that people see but does not adversely impact the skyline.

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SmartCiti Solutions, Inc. New (CTO) Chief Technology Officer - Mr. Frank Zwarg of Germany

SmartCiti is proud to Introduce Our New CTO

Frank Zwarg

Mr. Zwarg has a long and prestigious career in Telecommunications beginning as a Communications Officer in the German Army, then spending years with Marconi up and until its acquisition by Ericsson eventually retiring as a Senior Program Director. Mr. Zwarg has personally lead and delivered some of the most comprehensive telecommunication build projects on the planet in some of the most testing and hostile environments on the planet in countries like Afghanistan, Sudan and Morocco. Frank has been the Executive Director of Engineering for the last eight (8) month for SmartCiti and has personally directed both engineering and build project for Denmark, Saudi Arabia, India and the USA. His extensive experience as one of the leading Microwave Engineers  in the industry, along with his steadfast dedication to seeing projects thru flawlessly has lead him to be SmartCiti's obvious candidate as Chief Technology Officer.

LinkedIn Profile

Please feel free to learn more about our CTO with this link.


Latest Product Development

Smart Bus Stop /Roadside Signage

SmartCiti in Partnership with LG-MRI has diligently been producing new means of rolling out new solutions and Street furniture  utilizing our Patented and Patent Pending solutions. Our designs incorporate fully interactive displays and Smart City technology like no other company can. Our solution is by far the most comprehensive and advanced solution of its kind facilitating multiple ROI and Business Case models with:

  • Advertising Revenue
  • Smart City Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Wireless Vertical Real Estate for Carriers and TowerCo's
  • Data Collection

This are just a few of the benefits of our solution our solution designs facilitate quick deployment and immediate revenue generation without further contamination of the urban skyline.

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Corporate News

SMARTCITI is the future with our Smart Bus Stop


Reach out to us Today! We have street Furniture no one else has.

Corporate News

New Indian Group


We want to welcome SmartCiti Infrasol (India) LLP driving our India, Asia  and Middle-East Markets. Our plant in India has already begun fabrication of the SmartCiti Smart Pole Solution.

SmartCiti GUI


SmartCiti Solutions, Inc. GUI Platform on Microsoft Azure - developed complete with Mobilya - is a tool in combination with the Hitachi Vantara solution that makes ours the cutting edge solution.

The New Natural Palm Tree Monopole is now available


Our new Natural Palm Tree is now available and it is 10's of thousands lower than our competitors.

India Smart Poles begin deployment in Gurgaon, India


Our first of many poles has just begun deployment with the first in Cyber City. SmartCiti along with Indus Towers is helping make India truly Smart one pole at a time.

Deploying across Asia and the Middle-East


Our product is now deployed in some of the harshest environments on earth - our Smart Poles are like nothing else.

SmartCiti Solutions Demo unit in the DOLL in Copenhagen, Denmark


The solution developed by SmartCiti Solutions, Inc. is a comprehensive patented and Trademarked solution from end to end - bringing technology, functionality and aesthetics together.