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SmartCiti Services brings actual AI and Data Collection capabilities to our client on our platform on an unparalleled level. While our Competitors are delivering platforms for Carrier grade OEM equipment they are not delivering true intelligence with live sensor data capabilities and true Artificial Intelligence to manage the massive amounts of data required to create true Smart Cities. This along with creating new and vibrant ROI opportunities and solutions until now not realized by Carriers, TowerCo's and most especially Municipalities.

Artificial Intelligence

Where is tomorrow? 

It is here today, with our Intuitive System Platform we can monitor millions of bits of code and data simultaneously freeing your techs to deal with issues and problems instead of looking for them. Our system makes your Smart City Program not just Smart but Intelligent.

Comprehensive Array of Sensors

Data if managed and organized is a fantastic thing SmartCiti Services links not only our extensive sensor and feature components but we can link to hundreds of external systems via our cloud based portfolio.

Graphic User Interface

Our services group customizes the requirements of our clients to ensure the delivery of your information is in a way that that your network operations center can realistically handle it, appropriate to your department or agencies needs.

Actual Recognition

The intelligence of the delivered platform is beyond belief not only does the system recognize make but model, year, color, category and class. it reads the license plate  and determines speed and direction. All done by means of our AI.

Hitachi and Microsoft Azure

Are our key elements within our GUI  platform that we utilize this allows you to visualize your Smart City data both historically and Live. The platforms facilitate multiple multiple data and sensor feeds as well as other department and group resource assets via a secure cloud connection.

Hitachi Vantara


a : exceeding usual limits : Surpassing

b : extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience 

c : being beyond the limits of all possible experience and knowledge 

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General User Interface

in concert with Hitachi Vantara, SmartCiti has initiated a new IoT platform interface which facilitates comprehensive data control, monitoring and collection. 

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Hitachi & SmartCiti

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