Welcome to SmartCiti Solutions

SmartCiti Solutions is a Global Manufacturer of Premiere Smart Poles and Towers with Offices In the USA, Mexico, Panama, Saudi Arabia and India


Smart Telecommunications

Bringing Macro/Small Cell/LTE/5G to the locations needed in the Smart City Urban Market

Smart Custom Features

Public WiFi, Concealed Hi Res. Cameras, Weather Monitoring, Air Quality Monitoring, LED Lighting, EV Charging, Remote Meter Monitoring

Smart Services

We not only Manufacture our products but Design, Engineer and Program Manage smart city deployments globally.

SmartCiti Products & Services

Award Winning Design Solutions

Our COO receiving the CTIA e-Tech Award for Green Network Technology 2014.

Custom Manufacturing

While we have beautifully engineered production models SmartCiti Solutions recognizes that sometimes a perfect fit means a custom design.

Superior Engineering

Our designs are completely indifferent to the OEM equipment whether it be Nokia, ALU, Ericsson, Huawei or ZTE.


SmartCiti Solutions recognizes the importance of ensuring timely deliveries and product shipping/tracking. SmartCiti will assign a single person to your project to manage all logistics.

Program Management Services

Our Project Managers are extremely familiar with our product features, capabilities and design. you can rest assured our teams can get the job done or we can train your staff helping reduce costs further.

Customer Service & Support

Our corporation understands the importance of serving our customers our personnel share the on call to ensure you have 24/7 access to our team globally.

SmartCiti Solutions - SMART POLE Blog

SmartCiti Announces New Multi-Carrier Smart Pole Designs

Wether a TowerCo, Carrier or Municipality the SmartCiti Patented design solution for multi-carriers in that it accommodates 3G/4G LTE or Small Cell/5G/DAS and is agnostic to OEM in other words if it is Ericsson, Nokia or Huawei components or a combination all elements...

Smart Pole with IoT Intelligence designed in each Pole

We have created our Squirrel Cage design which with our Software Solution Bespoke catagorically changes what everyone else calls a smart pole. Our patented solution makes an incredible change to what can be defined as a Smart Pole - each cage via internal fiber and...

Global Manufacturer of Premiere Smart Poles and Towers with Offices In the USA, Mexico, Panama, Saudi Arabia and India.

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