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Monolith / Smart Bus Stop / Fast Food

SmartCiti in Partnership with LG-MRI has diligently been producing new means of rolling out new solutions and Street furniture  utilizing our Patented and Patent Pending solutions. Our designs incorporate fully interactive displays and Smart City technology like no other company can. Our solution is by far the most comprehensive and advanced solution of its kind facilitating multiple ROI and Business Case models with:

  • Advertising Revenue
  • Smart City Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Wireless Vertical Real Estate for Carriers and TowerCo's
  • Data Collection

This are just a few of the benefits of our solution our solution designs facilitate quick deployment and immediate revenue generation without further contamination of the urban skyline.

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Contact SmartCiti Sales with all your enquiries we can customize to the OEM the Carrier and the Municipalities needs to ensure seamless integration and superior performance.

Corporate News


Building Smarter Cities in the Caribbean

Corporate News

New Indian Group

We want to welcome SmartCiti Infrasol (India) LLP driving our India, Asia  and Middle-East Markets. Our plant in India has already begun fabrication of the SmartCiti Smart Pole Solution.

Alex Liou joins SmartCiti Board of Directors

SmartCiti Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the newest member of our Board of Directors and of the executive team our new Chief Marketing Officer - Mr. Alex Liou

The New Natural Palm Tree Monopole is now available

Our new Natural Palm Tree is now available and it is 10's of thousands lower than our competitors.

India Smart Poles begin deployment in Gurgaon, India

Our first of many poles has just begun deployment with the first in Cyber City. SmartCiti along with Indus Towers is helping make India truly Smart one pole at a time.

Deploying across Asia and the Middle-East

Our product is now deployed in some of the harshest environments on earth - our Smart Poles are like nothing else.

New President SmartCiti Infrasol (India) LLP

Welcome to C.K. Paruthi to the executive team Mr. Paruhti is a retired Lt. Col. in the Indian Army Communications Division and has years with Ericsson Managed Services. We a proud to have him with the team.