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Smart Pole Tech

Weather/Air Quality mapping an entire city in real time. Creating truly Smart Cities like no other tech currently available can. 

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Smart Poles: To Light City Streets and Enlighten City IoT and Urban Residents


We have what you need at a Cost better than any of our competition. and custom application and license.

Why SmartCiti is Light Years ahead of our Competition


SmartCiti Smart Poles are just that - "Intelligent"  our lightpole sites serve both as a cost effective light source which can be remotely managed, and  a WiFi hotspot that improves the mobile network  infrastructure performance across any municipality in which they are Integrated. Because they are a +20-in-1 solution – these connected devices  provide the necessary street lighting without taking up any extra space – SmartCiti Smart Pole sites create vital digital hubs for the IoT in smart cities. as well as afford features like:

  • Hi-Speed WiFi
  • Emergency (E911) PSAP interface
  • High Resolution  Concealed Cameras
  • Outdoor temp, humidity, feels like temp.
  • Barometric pressure & trend
  • Wind speed, wind direction, average & gusts
  • Lightning activity
  • Rain intensity, hourly and daily rain totals
  • UV index, brightness, solar radiation
  • Heat index, dew point, air density, ++
  • Lightning activity
  • Air Quality
    • VOC
    • CO2
    • Dust
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Interface (Secured) for Law enforcement upfeed of body cams
  • New revenue streams for Municipalities

Designs which work with any OEM Equipment


Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, Motorola, Etc. our design is agnostic .

Multiple Designs (for Aesthetics)


We not only have set designs but also can custom design our poles to work with Aesthetic in any municipality. We understood early on that one design does not fit all.

Design Considerations


All our poles have multiple carrier configurations, our poles can accommodate up to three (3) carriers whether they be 3G, 4GLTE, Small Cell, DAS, 5G or even full Macro sites. We design for the future.

Rapid Deployment


Our Designs are such that with the design conditions being appropriate we can realistically install a pole in a single day. No one in the market today can boast as much and deliver - Even Hardened Sites that can take the full force of a Class 5 Storm and stay on air thru the Storm.

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